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Imagine the relief you feel when you finally find a health practitioner who actually listens to your health concerns and provides grounded Naturopathic solutions and programming that are adaptable to your current financial and time limitations. There’s no greater feeling than to know that a genuine interest in your health is being taken by your heath care provider and Nicky Wood appreciates this from the patient’s perspective.

Nicky Wood started Wise Healthy Living Natural Therapies in 2004 after visiting her previous homeopathic teacher, Lorraine Morley for care and guidance for her and her daughter’s health. Having taken a break from a 5 year practice in 1999 to travel whilst launching and managing 5 star spa facilities, Nicky found herself in the vulnerable position of patient, seeking guidance and support through a quagmire of her daughter’s genetic based health problems, as well as her own personal struggle during this challenging time.

No sooner had Nicky cleared through the most difficult elements of her daughter’s health concerns, was she mentored by Lorraine back into practice. It was here that Wise Healthy Living Natural Therapies was created to provide a transition of support for Lorraine’s patients as well as a building platform for the currently popular clinic. Sadly, Lorraine passed away in January 2009 but not before she passed to Nicky her incredible depth of knowledge and understanding on the laws of healing, and the application of modalities that over the past 30 years, had worked successfully for thousands of Lorraine’s patients.

Nicky offers a wide range of modalities or tools in order to achieve your desired health outcome, all based on a healing blend of researched data and clinically successful principles. Incorporating a common sense approach to her prescriptions and personalized programs, Nicky ensures that all efforts are made to achieve your healthy balance once again. Nicky is also a trained Clinical EFT practitioner and can offer a wide range of support for emotional challenges.

Nicky also contributes to articles published like the one below - if you would like to read more - check out her blogs. Nicky also offers tailored health articles written for your team or community for a packaged fee of four articles a year.  Please contact us for more information.

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